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Where is my traffic coming from?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by sturose, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. sturose

    sturose Elite Member

    Nov 6, 2013
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    I recently set up a site to try a plugin to import products from amazon to woocommerce. I haven't done anything with it except let the plugin run and import products to the site.

    I didn't set it up with the intention of really doing anything with it and I haven't bothered doing any promotional work. I certainly am not attempting to rank on G as the site is full of nothing but duplicate content from amazon listings.

    Over the last few weeks I have been getting about 10-15 visits per day, I didn't expect it to be human visitors until I saw this today:


    I know it's not a lot of traffic but I am just confused as to how this site is being found particularly as I haven't even tried to promote it.

    I still have no immediate plans to do anything more with this site yet as I am not sure which way I want to go with it but I have no idea where people are finding the site.

    Apparently according to smallseotools I have 36 pinterest backlinks (I may have done these but can't remember it) and 2 links from page rank checkers which I have never used!!

    Anything else I can check?