where do you go to offer an affiliate scheme?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ukescuba, Mar 27, 2008.

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    am working on a project at the moment that will eventually be a paid membership site - i will be offering 100% commission to my affiliate partners who promote my site and get people to sign up... but my question is where do you find the affiliate partners in the first place to promote your site?

    thanks in advance
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    Hi ya,

    This might be old material, but would you want to consider:

    1) Listing an offer for affiliates to in affiliate or associate directories
    2) Posting an offer for affiliates in forums such as this one, digitalpoint forums, warrior forums and a bunch of others
    3) Contacting folks in click bank who are selling stuff in the same or similar niche and ask them to promote the affiliate program to their niche (if you have a 2 tiered affiliate program)
    4) Try paydotcom*com to list your products. I think once you list your product there, the affiliate program is in built.

    Would you also have prepared a ready list of creatives sales materials (e.g. banner ads, text ads, email autoresponder messages, blog posts, forum signature posts, ezine ads, classified ads, ppc keyword list, some articles etc. etc.) so that an affiliate can just pluck and promote?

    Would love to hear what else the experience folks might have done?