Where do you get your content for Web2.0 and other secondary tiers?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Ghoast, Feb 29, 2012.

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    So recently I've been creating a lot of Web2.0 to link to money sites.

    I've been writing up 500 word articles literally about anything that is closely related to my niche.. For example, niche is: dog training. My article would go something like this:

    I'm a massive fan of basketball, the reason for this is because when I was younger and ruled over half of southern mongolia my father told me that if I looked good enough in a rain jacket then I would accomplish great things. This is pretty much where my love of dog training comes from. You see if you can train a dog then you can play basketball, and also make a cheese toastie for that matter..

    Now you can see this is utter bullsh*t and at the office we've actually coined the phrase, 'bullsh*t articles' when we come to talk about the articles which we will be putting up on the web2.0 websites..

    Now it's getting pretty tedious writing all this crap out 100 times and so my question to you is what kind of content do you put on your web2.0/secondary tier and also where do you get this content from?

    My thinking is that it doesn't need to be great writing/make sense or really mean anything because no one but the google spider actually reads it..

    However I don't like to just have jumbled up nonsense words because:

    A. that can be a tell tale sign for G


    B. the web2.0 sites that you submit to will delete your account as it's obvioulsy just for marketing..

    So I like to normally write a story which loosesly involves my niche and keyword so that if there ever was a manual review of my web2.0 property the site owner would think, 'wow, this is just one weird guy' and NOT, 'hmm this is obviously spam for SEO'.

    So please, tell me where you get your content for web2.0/tier2 and what your content consists of!

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    Writing a good content. I mean if u are actually writing , Why pushing urself this hard to write a bullshit Article !! , U can write a good one , Ultraspin it , And paste it to whatever web 2.0 u want.
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    I actually spent about 8 hours and wrote up a 1200 word spintax article. It is 100% unique on every spin and passes copyscape and any spun sentence brings up 0 results in google. I use this for all my Web2.0 properties and second tier links