Where do I Start, and Where is Big Money at?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by susenky13, Aug 6, 2012.

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    To begin, I am not asking to be spoonfed. Even if I was, I wouldn't get it, I understand that. However, I want to know where I should begin making money via IM. I began last summer, made a few bucks, got cocky, thought I was on the top of the world, and then couldn't make a single cent. Is CPA a good place to start? I'm 15, have no investment money, and am just looking to make a few bucks every day. But my real goal is to be able to by a car by the time I am 16. For that reason, I wanna know where I should start out?

    Also, just a side question; I saw yesterday on the forums that there is somebody making $20,000/day w/ IM. Anybody want to hint me as to where this money is at? $20 a day seems like a stretch for me, let alone $20,000! I'm not asking for a word-by-word method. I just want to know where to begin.
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    This forum is filled with lots of information. But before going ahead just select your method through which you want to make money. If you are interested into CPA then checkout the CPA section.
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    Write an ebook get a squeeze page put it on clickbank, Rinse & repeat. One will hit big and you'll get a snowball effect and chance to promote other books and such.