Where can i get advanced tutorials on C++ Programming Game development

I haven't checked any of the sites, i have read the following books.
Stroustrup's "The C++ Programming Language",
Scott Meyer's "Effective C++"
I HIGHLY recommend the free lectures and assignments on the Stanford Engineering Everywhere website. The two relevant courses are Programming Abstractions and Programming Paradigms. They dive deep into C++ topics, including advanced memory management (you'll write your own allocator) and the implementation of the standard library container classes. They also have some pretty fun assignments that will bake your noodle.
"3D Game Engine Architecture" by Ebley is good is you are looking at the back end, if you want to write a renderer that is a bit more difficult. Arcsynthesis and pouet have a decent sized community of modern programmable pipeline programmers. ##opengl on freenode is pretty helpful as well. If you want DirectX you are on your own as I avoid it like the plague.
Yeah, 3D Game Engine Architecture is good. There's also a book called Game Coding Complete which has a lot of good, low-level stuff. Also some interesting design patterns. If my memory serves me right, it comes with an example game engine, which is nice.
Search on youtube for some tutorials. Apart from teaching they will tell you some good books to refer to!! cheers :D

This one claims to have tons of helpful content for programming with DirectX (no Opengl unfortunately) and Unity3d.

I joined months ago, but still haven't checked it out, to let you know if it's any good, or low quality.
I can recommend Gameinstitute. I've done their Unity tutorials, and it's got everything you'll need to learn how to create a Game.

Although it's based on C# and I see your interested in c++.

There's hours of tutorials though (really long, maybe too long), but it was great to see the process of making a complete game and see how and where the programming fits into the Unity engine.
There are alot of resources you can find on youtube or try and google it.
searching for books is one good option too. :) cheers.
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