Where can I find files for "Revolutionary Money Sytem"?

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    I keep seeing ads that go to sites like this


    The socalled "Revolutionary Money Sytem" and has totally the looks and vibe of your typical WSO, but since their site Revolutionary-Money-Sytem.com is dead, I really wanna get this and since I couldnt find anything on TheVault, or at least maybe it is posted on another name.

    Does anybody have these files or knows where I can grab these?

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    Hi I would like you to know that Revolutionary Money System is a SCAM!

    There is no software to download, they want you to play casino manually, because of some mathematical argument that is heavily flawed.

    The best none mathematical argument proving it's a scam is that the "Scam Free Alliance" they they have on their picture is a none existing organization!

    The easiest way to explain why the math does not hold is this:
    In rulete you win only 18 of 37 bids (48.6%), but you loose 19 of 37 bids (51.4%)
    They say that you can always win your money back by doubling when you loose to win back the lost money, the problem with this argument is that you only win a very small amount when this work and when it dosen't you lose everything.

    Simpy put: if you have 10240$ and bid 10$.
    then you need to loose 10 games in a row to have doubled up to 10240$ (10*2^10 = 10240)
    you need to have won 1024 times to double (10 * 1024 = 10240)
    the chance of loosing 10 times in row is: 0.514^10 = 0.00126 = 0.126 %

    so the premise of winning is winning 1024 games, the premise for loosing is loosing 10 games in a row.

    the inverse of your chance of loosing is the number of games you will have to play on average to loose everything:
    1 / 0.00126 = 784

    so you need to win 1024 games to double your money, but on average around game 784 you are so unlucky that you loose all your money.

    (NB if your chance of winning was 50/50 instead of 48.6/51.4 then you would win every other game because then (1/0.5)^10 = 1024 and not 784)

    if this math does not convince you I also wrote a program in python that simulates 10.000 games.
    each game the player starts with 10.000 $ and bit 10$, if he looses he doubles, looses so many times he does not have enugh to double again then he bits the rest of his money.

    #!/bin/env python
    import random

    games = 10000
    win = lost = 0
    c = (18.0/37) # chance to win
    s_bid = 10 # start bid
    s_money = 10000 # start money

    for game in range(games):
    money = s_money
    bid = s_bid
    while (money >= s_bid and money <= s_money*2):
    if (random.random() <= c):
    money += bid
    bid = s_bid
    money -= bid
    if money < bid: bid = money
    else : bid *= 2
    # print "I know have %i and am bitting %i" % (money, bid)
    if (money >= 10000): win += 1
    else: lost += 1

    print "won : %i" % win
    print "lost: %i" % lost

    running this script on my computer gave the following results (YMMW - your mileage may wary), but you will probably get something very similar:
    won : 4085
    lost: 5915

    This means that you have 59% of loosing all your money and 41% chance of doubeling... interesting if you just bit 10.000$ once you have 48.6% chance of doubeling and 51.4% of loosing it all, the reason why THE REVOLITIONARY MONY SYSTEM lowers your chance even further is that you play very many games for every "little game" where you bit 10$ you have the odds agains you, and having the odds against you so many times decreases your win chance further.

    So I am 100% convinced that the casinos have invited this to make people loose even more money.

    ask yourself this question:
    if you had beaten the math of some game, and you knew that exposure to this would make the casions adapt the game such that the system no longer works, would you keep it to yourself or use thousands of dollars on facebook adds to share it with the world?

    the guy who made a mathematical counting system for blackjack kept quiet, and when he was found out the casinos started using 4 or more decks of cards to mathematically beat his system.

    Last of all, I am sorry I cannot mathematically tell you what the loose/double chance of the money system is, because I do not know the statistics that I would have to use, so I hope the python script is enough.

    python is not installed on windows so only linux users will be able to run it by typing python filename.py, if you install python then you can run it with python.exe filename.py.

    if people are interested I could read up on JavaScript and write it so it will run on a windows computer, but I would not expect people to need this.

    Sorry for my poor none native english

    I hope that a lot of people read this so they will not loose their money
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