Where can I buy cheap backlinks based on google PR?


Oct 4, 2008

Could anyone point/PM me to a service like indexguy/tnx.net where I can buy cheap backlinks based on google pr ? I would be much oblidged !
ATM, I am buying from tnx(russians) links from pr3 russian sites at 1-1.6$ per link. As I cant rely only on one supplyer, i need another such network, so pls PM me if you know.
Try http://www.text-link-ads.com/

If you develop a relationship with your account manager, they're likely to give you better deals. Tell them that you are an SEO consultant and that you're sick and tired of dealing with shady, online link dealers. Then ask if they have a reseller or affiliate program. That will probably do the trick.

Their service is pretty good, but if you're buying in bulk, I definitely would advise actually going through your account manager. They have access to a link DB that you don't and can send you Excel spreadsheets packed to the gills with links categorized and listed by both PR and price.
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