Where are these articles coming from???

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    I'm a newb here and I'm very happy that I found this website (best on the web, bar none!). I'm doing some research tonight on the big G and found this site which caught my eye myhostingreviews'.com (I'm a newb so I can post links yet). It's not my site BTW and I'm not spamming it for myself, client, etc. but what got me interested is the number of articles on the main page and that the site itself is PPC and affiliate link motivated based on the structure.

    I searched the big G based on snippets of each article and I found no other sites with the same articles! Am I to believe this person (or persons) wrote and/or paid for all the articles on their site???

    Any input or insight on the origin of these articles would be deeply appreciated because I'd love to know what program they used to generate the articles if they in fact used one, thanks.
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