Where are my backlinks?

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    Hey bhw!

    I haven't been doing the IM thing lately but I check my traffic and money flow from time to time. Today I wanted to check how my site was doing off site seo-wise. What I found was shocking and seems so stupid to share it. I wanted to see if my backlink status has changed. I did a large amount of backlinking 4 months ago and wanted to see progress. From what Backlinkwatch was telling me, I had at least 300. Today I checked and it was the same. The question everyone asks was running through my mind. Where the hell are my backlinks? For some reason I thought maybe they're listed under different variations. It turned out that I have around 7,000 on one variation. I assumed that checking one variation would bring up all of all backlinks.

    http:www://example.com 7,613
    http :www ://example.com 256 backlinks ( the one I always check)

    Like I said, This might be a total waste of a read and total noobish but i'm sure someone will find this helpful.

    • You should keep track of all variations not just one.

    http www site, https www site, https site, http site,

    later bhw.