Where are all the lolcats and coupon codes for zappos?

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    Just kidding!
    Unless you actually have lolcat pics or coupon codes for shoes, 'cause I'm a lady and I can't resist shoes and kittens, it's just science.
    But for real, Hello.
    My name is Summer and I'm the epitome of a newbie. I'm completely clueless in the ways of online marketing, money-making, and widespread networking. However, I'm interested in learning, and found a lot of topics of interest in the forum. Currently, I'm a college student majoring in Journalism and English. So, I may be completely useless in anything computer related, but I am an editing wizard. Unfortunately I don't have a cool wand or fancy hat to accompany my self proclaimed title of editing wizard, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. I also realize that my super cool editing skills probably have little to no relevancy here, but I needed to brag about something, seeing as I am amongst computer genius'; and I'm a lady, so give me compliments or whatever. In addition to my current realizations, I'm considering the fact that my self perceived humorous banter, written within, may be misconstrued as arrogance or rudeness. This is not the case! I just have no idea what I'm doing, and it's very late, and I ran out of coffee 3 hours ago. So, if you've read this far, I'm sorry and congrats! We're totally bff now.
    I should probably go to sleep, considering it's 4am, but I saw too many forum topics that piqued my interest so, to hell with sleep! Normally, I would justify my insomnia by updating my Tumblr, but I cannot login, and Tumblr support told me to send them a picture of my drivers license (with sensitive info covered up), or a picture of me holding a piece of paper that displays the date and my i.p. address. Oh, okay Tumblr, why don't I just swear a blood oath of allegiance to you while I'm at it? So, thank you blackhatworld for supplying me with useful information, instead of lolcats and shoes.