When We Talk About Backlink Diversity...

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Unchained, Sep 14, 2016.

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    ... Does that mean diversifying the kinds of backlinks that you get on the homepage? Because if I have 50 pages that I want to send backlinks to, surely I'm bound to repeat the document sharing site backlink that I used in post #23 and post # 30.

    Diversify the homepage backlinks, and when I say diversify, I mean the whole shebang. While only pointing one kind of backlink into inner pages. Is this a good strategy?
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    It's really just a common sense statement Agencies use so that people don't order 500 SAPE links for a new site and
    wonder why they might end up penalized. If you had a dozen links like SAPE tossed into say 100 other link types you
    would stand a much better chance.

    Again, it means not having 100 EDU backlinks to a site which should not really connect to educational sites. Focus on
    diversifying your "link types" and avoid duplicate links. An authority websites inner pages might get a mention on another
    news website more than once. So for example Fox News could get a backlink from CNN on more than one story, no problem.

    It's when noobs try to go light on authenticity and heavy on power hitting links diversity gets tossed out the window and they
    end up ordering a link detox package. :D