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When using followliker and get banned. All accounts banned?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Jensw01, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Jensw01

    Jensw01 Junior Member

    Dec 5, 2016
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    Hi there!

    I'm thinking about buying followliker to gain followers and do easy like rounds from telegram groups. I was thinking about using it on a "tryout"-account. So I will do everything manually on my main-account, but use the bot only on the second starting account.

    Let's say I go overboard with followliker and my second starting account will get banned. Can Instagram also ban my main account then? Are there ways to surpass this because I only want to risk one account not two. I have 2 devices an Iphone and an Ipod (in case this would be helpful). I also use a seperate emailadress and kik for each account.

    Thanks for answering my question!

    Last edited: Dec 5, 2016