When to change domain for my movie streaming site?

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by xaskitx, Mar 7, 2018.

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    This is my first post in blackhatworld, so hello everyone. I have a movie streaming site for 2 years now, and the site is growing each day. I'm still using the .com extension i used first time. The site is not for US audience. Now my question is, when should i change that extension exactly? I saw many famous sites in other countries, that redirect their .com extension domain to a new one after a period of time, not because of a domain suspension or anything, maybe because of google removing all links or whatever... But is there anyone here with experience in this? I'm afraid that one day i will wake up with my domain suspended from domain registrar or something like this. I'm using Name.com and thinking to transfer that domain to internet.bs. I know i shouldn't use .com in first place, but i have other extensions of that brand as backup.. Any suggestions & ideas?
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    Ya, I have the same situation with you. Movie site, and .com domain at first place. But different is I have just got an abuse complaint, and move to another registrant. But I think you can buy new domain for ignored dmca complaint at trust offshore domain registrar, then redirect 301 .com domain to them. It is good that you have a new domain that can back up in case you lost .com domain. But If you scare , you can move asap before you lost .com domain because of dmca request. You should do that.