When is something considered to be BH?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Reyone, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Hello everyone,

    Once again, massive thank you to all of you who make this forum happen.

    I have a couple of questions which have been bothering me for quite a while, forgive me if they sound stupid, but I need to clear ground before I get started with any method; hopefully this will help other users as well.

    - When does a program/method become black hat? (whenever this program/method breaks the law?)
    - Is a bot a BH program? If not, when or how does it become a BH tool?
    - Are the following tools BH? Xgram, Xrumer, Scrapebox, Senuke Xcr/Demon, Facedominator.

    Now, as I imagine, they are not BH until you break the law with them, so the following question is about hiding IP etc.
    - What happens if they ban one of your accounts which you are using under one proxy? Does that proxy get somehow deleted? Can you use the proxy ever again?
    - Does a VPN automatically hide your ip? If the answer is yes; is there a further need to use proxies on top of the VPN?
    - Are there any other tools other than VPNs and proxies to cover your tracks?
    - Can they track you down if you are using proxies + VPN?

    That is the whole bunch of questions for the moment.
    I would be tremendously thankful if someone could clear all the questions.

    Massive thank you!
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    Blackhat SEO really has nothing to do with something being illegal. Also you should know "spam" is illegal but that is for most countries strictly defined and does not include generic web spam that comes from tools the Xrumer or scrapebox. Blackhat is basically the majority of SEO, anything that aims to deliberately manipulate Google search results that is not "naturally" occurring.

    Basically a better question is what is whitehat: which is on-page SEO and making relationships in your niche in hopes of garnering more attention (maybe links).
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    Anything which you think uses the shortcut like automating comment links, creating profile backlinks, etc are blackhat. So almost all the bots are BH if not illegal.