When is it time to redesign your website?

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    Every day thousands of companies are looking for a web designer or website agency.

    In the last 3, 6, 12 or 24 months their current website had a < 10% ROI.
    They start blaming their current website.

    This is how most starting entrepreneurs are like.​

    "My website just sucks".
    "People don't like my design".
    "The graphics are just terrible."
    "I paid a lot of money, but it's not making me any money."
    "I have traffic, but no sales".

    the list of excuses goes on and on.

    A web designer is, just a web designer.
    They are NOT responsible for your website's success.
    They don't know how well your website will perform, how many sales you will get.
    It is their job to "promise" you a well converting website.
    They'll promise super high conversion rate and top SEO rankings.
    Some web designers & agencies really do a great job, but the average company does not.

    Welcome to reality.

    The success formula
    SUCCESS = Website + Traffic + Optimization (+ good product)

    The dreamers
    These people only focus on having a good website.
    Nice & fancy graphics, with pop-up ads and banners and expensive logos.
    But once they realize they need traffic, they start paying for ads.
    After two weeks they quit: they lost too much money and given up hope.
    They design their websites based on what "looks good".

    The workers
    These people know about SEO, Social media, etc...
    Most of us are in this category. We know how to get traffic.
    Whether we take action or not, is another question...
    We spend a lot of time executing our marketing strategy -- getting rankings -- getting followers -- getting traffic.
    They design their websites so that they "rank high(er)".

    The builders
    These are true realists.
    They do not hope things will change, unless they change things.
    These people apply data in their online business.
    They make decision based on research and not feelings.
    They design their websites based on what works best.

    The dreamers only focus on design --> unless they are very lucky, they will fail.
    The workers focus on website & traffic --> if they have a good traffic/SEO plan, they will have ROI / profit. Otherwise they are just playing Google's casino game.
    The builders combine web design, marketing and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

    What most of us are missing out on is optimization.
    As soon as you have a traffic source, you should start work on improving your website.
    Because if you wait for X weeks, or Y months and wait until you see some money come in.
    At this stage it's already too late. You have lost VALUABLE DATA.

    Our business is like a car. We need to pimp & tune it to WIN !

    What usually happens is, you reach a glass ceiling.
    Your revenue / income / profit will reach a certain point and not grow much.
    Even if you increase your traffic by 50%, your profits only go up by 10%.
    What a terrible situation, yet it happens to 90% of us.

    What happens next is....
    we start coming up with excuses and false statements such as:
    "My website sucks".
    "The method is saturated".
    "I have bad traffic, the traffic sucks".
    "They buy from my competition".
    "They are not buyers".
    "They have no money..."


    The truth
    Conversion Rate Optimization, A/B testing and User analysis is not a magic tool that will fix all your problems.
    But neither is a website re-design.

    What's going on, and how do we fix this?
    Look at this figure:


    The X on the image is where your business is at.
    This is how your website is performing in terms of conversions.

    As we start doing CRO, we will follow the green path on the figure.
    We start improving our website's conversion rate little by little.
    Until we reach the global maxium.
    This is the theoretical upper limit of how well your website will ever convert at its maximum.
    Once there is nothing left to improve, if everything is super perfect (in theory) -- then it is time to do a redesign of your website.

    But when we start to re-desigin our website, then we are following the blue path.
    We reach a local maximum (in the red area). We can't go any higher, because our new design is based on pure "luck", and not scientifically supported.

    Theory in practice

    Scenario 1:

    Revenue from your website (version A) = $500/mo.
    You redesign version A into version B (and you pay $500 - $2000 for this).
    A redesign is based on opinions, "what looks good".
    Revenue from your website (version B) = $590/mo.
    ==> On average, the sales will not improve by much.

    Scenario 2:
    Revenue from your website (version A) = $500/mo.
    You start applying CRO (heat maps, user analysis, A/B testing).
    You use free tools (without spending any money).
    You look at the data from your visitors: where they click, how they move, what they like, what they ignore, ...
    You change a few details on your existing website (buy button, headline, stock photos, positions, copy length, ...)
    After a few short weeks, your revenue from your website (version A 2.0) = $750/mo.
    ==> Because we know exactly why customers were quitting and not buying, we were able to redesign our website accordingly.

    -- TL;DR --

    If your website REALLY sucks, get a new one.
    If you are making money from your website, you probably don't need a re-design.
    All you need is simple & easy optimizing.
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    Hey Healzer,

    you made a great point here about testing.

    I've wasted soooooo much time (and money) perfecting my landings / websites in the past. It took me a long time before I started to just launch ideas, collect data and then tweak it.
    It was hard as hell to not be nervous first couple of days and just sit back and wait for data to roll in.

    I'm doing the same for my clients now.

    We build something relatively fast (mind you, fast doesn't mean crap, there just isn't much "features"), roll it out and collect data.

    Data, data, data.

    Then we make decisions on what parts to redesign for maximum impact and roll it out again. 2.0 version.

    -- TL;DR --
    Stop guessing people. Launch fast and test test test :)
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    Nicely explained, it was a pleasure reading and I am sure it will help many as everybody that is building a site will need the same advice :)
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