When do you know its time to quit?

In my personal experience the online business is incredibly dynamic and if you are not on top of most details you cant really compete.

Ive succeeded and sold websites for 100k and made at my top 145k profit in a year, thats not every single year Ive been in this business and Ive had to switch up my business models several times.

In times when its been hard Ive always gotten a brick and mortar backup, plus it keeps you fit to do manual labor so dont be afraid to invest some time offline in a career as well. You can always keep doing online stuff and keep plugging away at it maybe get to the point you can leave your real world career again.

Good luck friend, seriously.
I am in a similar situation. It is time to go back to my roots and make real money instead of this nonsense where networks don't pay you or they ban you. It is time for me to go back to my industry and be able to pay myself. I don't have time for this big corporate IM crap.
You never have to quit, you may need to get a job but IM shouldn't be something that you rely on to pay bills in the first place. Once you are working save some money aside and use it to fund some small projects. Whichever one works is the one that you start to focus your efforts on.

I think you know when it's time to quit if you don't care anymore about the dream of working for yourself and deciding how much money you want to make.
You should be working offline to support your online ventures "IM'ing"

IM'ing isn't some get rich quick over night success thing for everyone. If it was then there would be a ton more people making money than asking how everyday.

Hard work offline + Hard work online = Possibilities of hitting it big Online

Always work hard and you WILL accomplish your goal one way or another.
Work a job then do this part time.

Decide CPA, PPC, Adsense, affiliate
Keyword research. Find low competition with enough searches.
Build a site with wordpress.
Get content on homepage.
Find more related keywords.
Add a certain amount.
Add content to those pages.
Then if it's a new site

social bookmark, some profiles, web 2.0 article marketing are all good.

Do it daily and you don't ahve to do 2 much per day even a few backlinks is fine. After 2 or 3 months you may want to add more content. More content = google more happy.

Then you can up your backlinks and throw in more profiles, blog commenting etc.
By 2-3rd month you should see serp increase or already be on top 10 if you keyword researched correctly. Track your main kw. Then work on your inner page keywords.

That's it. Rank = traffic = money. At least this works for adsense i don't know CPA and affiliate but for organic traffic it's prob the same thing.

Nutshell way to make money in IM.
With the recession, everyone and their dog wants to do IM and make money online.

These days you should be at least a little above average intelligence and be willing to put in 8 hours a day to start, if you want this thing to pay the bills.

Dumb people can work 24 hours a day at this and fail.
Thanks for your feedback. I'm no stranger to IM, I have been online for almost 4 years now. Its just that everything I touch fails, or causes me to shift my focus to something that appears to have a quicker return - ruining my initial goal.

I'm made $500 last year promoting a weightloss drug with 1 video. I banked $300 last summer pushing CPA teeth whitening products, and earlier this summer managed to sell some sites and pay my rent on time.

More recently I have put my efforts into a 'viral FB effect' - as I believe this has the potential to clear my over draft, and send me back to University with a little less to be concerned about.
But - as ever - I can't force the pages to go viral. I have read so much advice on here, and from other forums. I pretty much know everything that doesn't work. Still waiting on that lucky test.

As for a part time job, I completely agree. I'm going to have to put on the ideal employee face, and print this CV off.

It would be so ironic if I woke up tomorrow, and all of my pages had gone viral lol. I guess this is just a set back. Who am I kidding.. I want to be able to dictate my life so badly I will never quit.

Thanks for your support!
well don't give up, try and find steady income first from a job to get a grip on things and then slowly on the side continue to work towards building that side income so that it grows and makes enough to take care of everything. It's a hard and long road but keep at it and it will pay off. Easier said than done but it's very true. No one that built their business and became extremely successful didnt do it easily they had to put in the grunt work just like you will so don't give up ever! I'd rather die trying than to not have tried at all.
You are missing a key element: focus. Concentrate on one thing and only do that, in your case I'd focus on something free like building websites/blogs and doing some seo. Break your work down into small pieces of a long plan and complete those steps per day.

Such as-

1. Do research, pick a promising niche
2. Get a domain related to that niche
3. Install wordpress and plugins, or design a minisite
4. Get 1-3 articles written per day on your niche and post them
5. Do backlink research on competitors and places to drop your link
6. Drop 5-20 links per day on that site
7. Ping links
8. Rinse and repeat

You can do all these steps per day in a few hours if you concentrate. You aren't going to be making 4+ figures a day with this without scaling it but once you build up xx sites you can be making a steady $50-100/day depending on your niche choices.

It's time to quit when you don't have enough interest in what you're doing to constantly fail over and over until you succeed.
Actually FB is harder to get into right now than it was about 1-2 months back. Unless you already have a stake in the claim then your going to have to push 3x as much as you would have then.

Not to discourage you but websites / SEO is a safer view if your looking to make it in the long run.
Why do you people continue to make these threads.
idk. same reason why there are always homeless begging for your change?

OP: I can tell you that this business changes everyday.
Its a huge problem to keep up but for a lot of us on here, we are making huge bank or have tasted it. becomes a game. I know I will never quit.
I just keep trying new things till i find something that works..
try to open your eyes more.. work on something easier to make a few bucks then grow from there. Good luck
I didnt even read this thread. (Just the title.)

I'll quit when they pry my laptop from my cold, dead hands.
You have been in the game for 4 years now, according to you. You know that it takes some time to have some return with some methods, tactics, etc.
I think that once you are part of IM is hard to "quit" it. That's because you know that there is a real chance to make some extra money with it.

Maybe you need a break from it... That's all!:)

After a few years, we all get a little tired of so much BS out there. But we need to keep on top of the game because it does move fast.

Take some time off... a few days or weeks can be good to shake some frustrations off and start new campaigns with a winning attitude.

Sometimes IT IS hard, period. But WE SURE LOVE IT!

All the best :beach2:
To increase your rate of success, you need to increase your rate of failure. Most successful guys out there would agree to the fact that one's success in life hugely depends upon the VOLUME of attempts made by him/her. Simple formula: If you want to make more sales, then make more calls, if you want to be hired, then give more interviews, if you want more wealth, then make more attempts.

Dude, effort-wise you are heading in the right direction, except for the thought that is compelling you to quit. Also, you need to stick to a method long enough for it to work before switching into another. The best part about IM is that anyone out there can start making money without spending a dime and the worst part is that this advantage in itself serves as a drawback as most people switch methods quickly enough before it works because they have nothing to lose.

The path to success is filled with failures. You don't get up unless you fall, right? Most people out there do not realize how close they were to success before they gave up. So, NEVER say give up, unless you have worked so hard that your fingers start bleeding while working on a computer :)

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if you stick with just one method,you will make money.hopping around different methods will only create confusion and no money.no money leads to more confusion and so on.see,its a vicious cycle.so take a deep breath,pick one method and do that with all your energy.
It takes a man to know when to walk away. It really does. There's times I should have walked away, and my persistence set me back years. I'm doing now what I should have been doing 5 years ago, all because of things I should have walked away from. People talk all the time about how a mindset is everything... it's not, it really isn't. Anyone who tells you that doesn't make real money online. It's all financial, and statistics.

At least you aren't one of those people selling eBooks on the WarriorForum of a rehashed method that claims to make people $1000 a day. Those are the real losers.
I think it is quite simple: Just stick to a simple method and focus on it and tweak, not abandon it. Simple SEO project, as WhiskerBiscuit wrote. Do not think about success, what you will do with the money and so on, just work on this project.

Also, nothing to fancy, no autoblog, no autotools. Start a site by hand, write by hand, make links (most important part) by hand and drink some tea and wait. If you are not able to make money by that, IM is not for you. Make a decent Wordpress site with one or two texts every week, which are interesting to read, and success will come.
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