What's your take on alcohol?


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Jul 9, 2020
For me,
I've been an entrepreneur since 14 years old. Very cheesy to say, but I have always been 'too successful' for my age, in terms of revenue.

Being responsible for money that surpasses the amount of yearly income for most at the age of 16 is very, very stressful.
That led me to chronic stress that I've now had for almost 4 years. That stress has led me to irreversible heart damage and I've now been diagnosed with a heart condition that will very likely end me before I turn 30, if I keep my current pace of working.

Ever since I turned 18, I have suppressed my stress with alcohol, and have found myself drinking on a Monday morning way too many times. I've found drinking to be a way to escape stress, work duties, and life in general.
Though, I'm now proud to say that I've been 'clean' of alcohol for a few weeks now.

If you've ever had any problems with alcohol and have been able to quit it, how did you do it?
What's your take on the stuff?
Don't let any substance become your master. They are slave drivers and easily bend your will.
Alcohol makes you feel good and when you are taking too much of it, you will be killing your self slowly. Soif I am to advice, I will say DESIST FROM IT
I quit working on computer. It's counterproductive for me now. Getting stuck in it isn't gonna work long term. Learned enough to keep slow pace. Very slow pace. I can write a program in my head while doing something else. Then put pseudo code and outsource it.

I had been drinking heavy for 6 years every week with students, graduates and so on. That's because of personality disorders.

I don't know of any heart condition from that on me but maybe there is some. I know my mental health is one of the most exceptional. It's like rollercoaster. But I learn to control it which makes it go in the positive direction. Instead of extreme anger that controlled me most life, I can focus on serenity and compliments which produces feelings of enthusiasm and love.

Many health checks don't show much unless it's too late. :D

i just hope my brain doesn't explode from this shit early on.

I recommend therapy for this type of problem. It must be taken care of under supervision. Going it alone is like eating some psychedelic mushrooms. It probably wouldn't last long and eventually would do more harm.

They guide you so that you learn how to experience good thoughts and emotions. Then how to fix your thought patterns. It's not only avoiding substances. You can use them, just not use because you don't know how to control yourself.
I have never drunk alcohol, smoked cigarettes or taken any other drugs in my life. My goals have always been much more important to me and even today at parties I always think to myself "I have to earn more money" when I see people drinking or smoking weed.
Connection with body, emotions and yourself is important. You need to talk to yourself like you're the best boss or something. Basically imagine a person you'd respect and love, and talk to yourself that way. Act like you're among the most respected individuals when you're alone.

I like to talk to myself like to innocent 15 year old girl (legal age here). That's like childhood feeling. Intense. Basically talk to myself like mother that loves their child.
go to jail, do some probation. after that, it's easy to abstain. i'm 2 years sober.
in all seriousness there's lots of ebooks on the topic that will be more serious than joker comments on here.
a heart condition exacerbated by alcohol should be enough to instill the idea of sobriety.
for stress relief we have lots of gay things like yoga and meditation. or go the sports and exercise route: many find success with it.
best of luck.
If you exercise, try bodybuilding. It's fun.

Don't do squats and deadlifts for fun. Do barbell exercises only if you're experienced with dumbbells.

I found it's optimal.

The worst thing is weightlifting without prior exercise experience. Literally barbells with no experience will crush your bones... So only dumbbells and only exercise with fun in mind - never ego lifting.
When people are sober they get into fight and all bad stuff ,when men drinks alcohol he talks about peace and love so i think alcohol should be promoted everywhere ,even govt should lower the age for legal consumption as shit like tiktok and porn they consume in early age why not alcohol
"if you keep on drinking, you won't be able to control your emotions sober"

Enough to end it.

Use hydroxyzine to fall asleep.lol

It calms down like alcohol. Just without psychoactive effects.
once upon a time i made some drinking friends with older guys. people my dads age & up.
all these guys, hardcore lifelong drinkers.
all have liver cirrhosis, failing pancreas. failing kidneys. huge tubes coming out of them for the doctor appointments. these major issues caused by alcohol, and they continue to binge drink.
they walked into severely impacted lifestyles due to alcohol abuse. good wake up call. unless you want to end up like that.
When people are sober they get into fight and all bad stuff ,when men drinks alcohol he talks about peace and love so i think alcohol should be promoted everywhere ,even govt should lower the age for legal consumption as shit like tiktok and porn they consume in early age why not alcohol
Because alcohol intake brust your liver very fast if you start consuming it in early age
He drinks a Whiskey drink, he drinks a Vodka drink
He drinks a Lager drink, he drinks a Cider drink.
That’s breakfast sorted.
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