whats your strategy to dominate your keyword with adwords?

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    So how much money would you have to put into adwords, the budget per day, the $ per click, etc, if you wanted your ad to be shown all the time for your keyword.

    Im sure it depends on the keyword, but whats the amount to spend to be shown all the time?
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    Your ad for given keywords will show for as long your budget- or click-limit isn't reached.
    Depending on how much bidders there are, it will cost you more or less (there's always a min CPC).
    You should check out some PPC guides or books, as knowing some basics is essential in PPC marketing if you don't wanna lose a lot of money.

    Set up a test campaign, set a budget and click limit that you can afford, run the campaign and see how it goes, if you break even or make some profit,
    analyze your landing page, check out if you can improve anything,
    having a fast landing page is essential for a good google qualityscore, so you also might check if you can squeeze your graphics so they have a smaller filesize.
    There are some site-loading analyzers out there for that purpose.

    Also, check how high the commercial intent for given keywords is.
    You can do that with a tool like MicroNicheFinder (awsome software btw, my fav tool for keyword research).

    I hope this helped ;)

    (If yes you might consider spreading some love by pressing the rep button ;P)
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