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What's your internet marketing story?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by gbmack, May 31, 2009.

  1. gbmack

    gbmack Power Member

    Apr 19, 2009
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    My story is a long story...

    I'll start with how I discovered the whole concept of internet marketing.

    It was last christmas when I discovered the glories of internet marketing.
    I was on vacation at Oregon, and I was with my family (grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.)

    My uncle is a software engineer, and he knows how to make iPhone apps. We had a discussion at the dinner table, and my father talked about this article in the newspaper. It was about some guys who got rich off an iPhone app. Then my uncle said he knew how to create iPhone apps. My brother took the opportunity. My bro said he would write out a plan, give it to our uncle, and our uncle would create the iPhone app. My bro and uncle would split the profits 50/50. Unfortunately, my brother did plan out an iPhone app, and it was a pretty good idea (had to do something with cars and calculating stuff) but he never followed through.

    Then I was like, hey I wanna make some money!
    So I was pretty lame and searched on youtube "how to make money." It had to do something with spider searching or whatever. I was like, man this is lame. Then I remembered this howcast video on making money from blogs. I watched it, and I thought it was a pretty good idea.

    For a few days during christmas break (i know what a waste of time) I had an idea for a blog. I thought I would be on top of the world and become filthy rich. So I worked on it for a few days. I thought it would be an instant success. I was dead wrong. My niche was horrible, I knew nothing of keywords or SEO, and man did I FAIL.

    I came back home disappointed, and searched for making money with blogs. I then stumbled upon digitalpoint. I got some tips and advice, and I thought "hey, what the heck, I should continue blogging with these tips." I probably wasted a month trying to make my blog great. It did not go anywhere.

    Then I quit the whole "making money" business for about 3 months. Then I decided to go back on DP, search for some tips, and try monetizing my blog. Same old fail. So I decided to delete my blog. Blogs are made of fail.

    Then I somehow stumbled upon blackhatworld about a month ago. And Thank God for that. With digitalpoint, all they tell you is make a blog, do some social bookmarking, apply some adsense, and you'll be happy. Fuck no. It would take months to do that, and you'll finally make $10 a day.

    With all the advice, methods, tips, and help from BHW, I finally brought home the bacon, and I continue to do so. I'm learning more and more everyday.

    What's your story?
  2. magcshroom

    magcshroom Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 7, 2008
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    Interesting read. I'm pretty tired right now, otherwise i would type out a wall of text.

    I started my online marketing a few years ago. It was off and on for the past 2 years. Lately this year though i've been ramping it up, and making a decent side income. I've probably tried 20 different wh/bh methods and i've made something like 8k or so.

    Even with the powers that be working against me, one of these days i'll strike it big. If you keep plugging away, trying new things, and really working hard, you WILL succeed online.

    Right now im starting to focus on a mix of craigslist, facebook, ebay, and cpa approvals. I'm also looking to launch my own product soon as well. All in good time....
  3. sidddd

    sidddd Power Member

    May 15, 2008
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    Nice.. here is mine..

    Start - Dec2006 with a verge to make money online, there was my friend who inspired me to take up internet connection and he was making around 3000$ monthly..

    He said he was going to teach me, but like others, he never had intentions to give away the secrets. Not a problem..

    Feb 2007 - Worked myself harder and joined each and every company possible, not internet marketing but working under someone who would pay little money..

    March 2007 - Made my first 500$ .. was really happy for making real money and receiving the first check..

    Left the freelance type job and took up Blogging.. made free blogs for perhaps 6 months and made quite a few money, used to beg people for domain name and no one used to give me for free :) That was the time, when I never realized the potential of having a domain..

    August 2007
    - Someone sponsored me with a domain name and I started warez blogging, the blog used to reap awesome traffic but as usual, was stuck with the monetization.. this was the time - I implemented my own ideas and read ALL POSSIBLE SEO books...

    Jan 2008 - March 2008 - Left blogging, because of the exams and also left warez blogging because it was somewhat boring and realized all ad networks pay penny per click!

    April 2008 - This was the time, I started legal blogging system where I used to write articles, comment, make blogger friends and so on.. thing went good as I was enough experienced with blogging on wordpress and generating traffic..

    Sep 2008 - The month where one of the post was linked by computerworld, downloadsquad and also readwriterweb :D From that day, the money flow was easier and the blog worked on autopilot system. And this was the moment, I brought couple of domains and managed to get my hands dirty with them...

    And the rest, as you know.. I've been developing mini sites, researching niche's and working on blogging almost everyday.. :) I still prefer going with blogs instead of promoting products! But, that's my part of the story, someday might take up affiliate marketing but with the way blogs are generating awesome revenue, I would think twice!
    Last edited: May 31, 2009
  4. oceanz

    oceanz Junior Member

    May 25, 2009
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    nice stories, both of you. i wish i had something like that to say.... :D
    but i am working on it, and am gonna come here and say sth inspiring in a few months time for sure! hehe