What's Your Favorite Drug?

What's your favorite drug?

  • Marijuana

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  • Alcohol

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  • Tobacco

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  • Harder Drugs (including crack)

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  • I'm a pussy and I don't do drugs. F*ck I'm a loser :(

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  • Total voters
I like to use some coke and XTC once in a while, like once every 6/8 weeks.i go out and party a whole weekend with drugs and booze and babes and everything else God forbids, that is how i recharge myself after all the hard work i have done.

Like your style DaveNL :cheers:
After 14 years of smoking cigs and weed I had to stop cause my lung collapsed over night. It sucks to be clean o_0
Of course you all LOVE marijuana!!!

It is one of God's great gifts to us -

It has more medicinal benefits than we have even discovered yet...

Get with the program - Grow your own, save our Country, not to mention a few trees.

I have smoked about every kind there is, Skunk, Thai, Afgan you named i have smoked it, living in Holland makes that really easy it makes me slow and sleepy (some type of Dutch Skunk really makes me paranoid), i got that covered with my rum/cola :D

omg lol. that's hot. I like to smoke, but lately been cutting back cause I get paranoid a lot lately [perhaps the stress idk lol], but my gf can go through an o in two days--three if I make her stretch it [VA prices are murder--150 an o...140 if you got it like that lol!! And forget about it during a drought...geeze!]. Idk how she does it; I couldn't function!! I'll puff at night to calm my nerves and wind down, but all day everyday....couldn't do it lol.
I haven't seen anyone giving mushrooms any love in this thread, so I'll throw out an honorable mention.


What the fuck?? lol...

As for drugs-

if i do make millionaire my big free mdma parties are gonna become legend... and you're all invited :)
weed makes me paranoid. except for the last time i smoked it was kinda ok, any advice? I heard salvia but i don't know where to get any of this stuff.
I hate to be the one to crash this party but at my age which is more than triple the age of a lot of people here, I can say that drugs blow. No pun intended. From 1973 to 1993 I did it all except a needle and for some that required a needle, fuck, I'd just cram it up my nose instead. I don't judge anyone for getting high but the fact that the op listed his last poll option as, "I'm a pussy I don't do drugs, I'm a loser" proves one thing: HE'S the fucking loser. I used to feel the same way...when I was a boy. How about an option, "I don't do drugs". Period.

It's amazing how people act. Someone who chooses to, oh I don't know, NOT sniff glue or stick their face into a steaming bowl of shit mist (has it really come to that? are people that fucking desperate?) and finds those that do to be wasting their time/life is labeled as judgmental, rigid or conservative but it's okay for someone who DOES enjoy drugs to be just as judgmental when someone chooses not to.
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