what's your boasting inflation percentage?

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    Years back when I talked to a potential employer, I knew they inflated the funding they had. i just did not know how much they had exaggerated. When I was hiring later, I too inflated somewhat.

    yesterday i was talking to antonline. i told them that i do exactly the same thing they do which is quite true. the so called "HR" person told me they ship 100K orders a day! of course she's got nothing to lose. AND she had shown absolutely no respect for me too! she went on and said their programmers all have batchelor and masters degree.. i told her my degree is s little higher than that!

    Now how many orders do antonline ship a day?

    like i said, i do exactly the same thing they do:
    antonline spends $2500 a day on CPC.
    antonline has fewer than 2500 ebay feedbacks a month- about 5000 orders a month from ebay - which is 170/day. (which is pretty accurate.)
    antonline feedback on amazon 2200 (past 30 days) - perhaps 3 times the order count? lets say 7500 orders a month - which is 250/day.
    CPC $2500/day spending is VERY recent. (I happened to know someone with similar CPC spending.) Assuming they make $2 an order (it can hardly get any lower.), they get 1200 orders a day from CPC.

    How do they sell? They sell mainly on shopping comparison engine - bizrate, shopzilla, pricegrabber. i didnt spend time to see if they sell on nextag, etc.
    these shopping engine brings traffic to their site. I am not bothering to check their ratings with these sites.

    if i ship 100K orders a day, I would close my eBay account (170 orders?) and even Amazon account's 250 orders/day!

    Their alexa rank? 75K, which is not even close to ioffer or bonanza. I think their alexa rank is not manipulated. (of course i dont know if their people installed alexa on their browsers) So my estimate of antonline - 5000 orders/day, as opposed to 100K a day. so her boasting percentage is 2000%.

    antonline can learn google base from me if the "HR" person is not so arrogant. I consistently rank a lot higher than them on google base when my account was active!

    the HR person does not sound like a Human Resource "department." She sounded guilty when calling herself "HR."

    I have no problem that you boast your success, but please at least give me some little respect!

    I tend to believe more this person claiming on BHW he makes $6K a month on autoblog.
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