Whats wrong with YLH?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by CPAKing11, May 25, 2012.

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    YLH is buggy these days, my points are 0 from past 2 days and I am still getting likes to my pages don't know how? Also when I am trying to like other people's pages its not allowing me to do so and nor its increasing my point. Even by liking pages from both the option it keeps on skipping them without giving any error. 2 days ago my points were more then 500 and I had my VA to like fan pages and made those points increased to 2k or something but the moment she started liking those pages, instead of points being added to my account, it started reducing.

    For instance if the person has set out the payout to 9 points and when my VA likes that page my points reduces by 9. Same issues coming up with other social networking sites as well. Either its not taking the accounts or either it does not allow to follow or add them.

    Are you guys also facing similar option? I emailed them about this but nothing from them so far..hope owner is on this board and will try to fix them up.