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    I've been lurking for a little while and this seems like an awesome site so I'll introduce myself.

    I got into computers when I was probably like 12 or 13 because of counter-strike and slowly taught myself enough to build a desktop off parts from newegg maybe a year later. I was planning on going to school for web development after taking 2 years of courses in highschool that taught HTML and basic flash. Around 16 or so I took up online poker and by the time I graduated I was making enough money to not really think about college. I ran the family insurance business and played poker in my free time and never really thought about money. Around this time I developed a nice little prescription habit that would see me blow ~10k account balances blacked out on xanax a few seperate times. I got clean about a year and a half ago and basically restarted my life. I changed jobs to not work with the family, quit drugs, and seperated from everyone involved in them.

    So that brings me so now. I've been trying to bring myself up to date with all of the new technology since I largely stopped learning and fell behind the curve. I find it very fun to design websites and I think I have a good eye for what looks good. I need to basically learn up on everything regarding SEO because I'm pretty lost. I get the concept of it all, but need to research how to execute. I'm probably going to start out with basic HTML/CSS/javascript with easy content updating and then replicate for different niches.

    So there it is. Hopefully down the road I can add something to this forum as it seems like it helps a lot of people.