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What's the Value of a Quality 'X' DA/PA Link? (Factors included ITT)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by XrumerGeek, May 25, 2016.

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    Nov 14, 2011
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    I'm creating this thread as in the near future I hope to bring a service to the BHW marketplace and I'm currently conducting research to see how valuable the service would be and to give me an idea for my pricing structure, so I'm looking for rough estimates on a links value as below.
    *Note to mods, in no way is this thread created to try and drum up business and once the service is ready I will be going through the correct procedure of having the service reviewed by BHW staff.

    So I'm looking for opinions on how much a backlink is worth in monetary terms in todays blackhat marketplace, as below. The link would be a contextual link on a deep page (obtained through blackhat methods)... the DA listed below is for the root domain.

    DA - 10
    DA - 20
    DA - 30
    DA - 40

    Please factor in the following

    • All sites are for real brick and mortor, predominantly local UK businesses that have been operating largely between 8 to 18 years (domain age).
    • The overwhelming majority of the sites are UK based and all reside on .co.uk's and/or .com's.
    • The backlink structures for these sites is sound- they haven't been created for the purpose of linking.
    • The placement of any sold links would be blackhat - using a contextual link on a deep page.
    • They effectively have zero (or very few) outbound links, sitewide!

    Hopefully I've covered all the important aspects above. Any feedback regardless of whether you suggest they are valuable or if you dismiss them as worthless, is welcomed. I also have PA stats if they are particularly relevant to valuing.
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