What's the truth about Scrapebox and blog comments?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by matthewseo, Sep 12, 2012.

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    I've been looking at Scrapebox to use for my personal sites, not as an SEO optimizer. I've read this forum about comments in blogs and get conflicting information. I hear that (1) blog comments are bad never do them, then I hear that (2) they are ok if done manually, then I hear that (3) they are good no matter what just so that all of your links aren't blog comments. So what's the truth?

    I would like to use Scrapebox to find high PR blogs and comment only on these type of blogs and only do a link or two each day since I'm not trying to dominate the world, yet.

    Comments? (Please back your comments up with references and logical reasoning.)
  2. puneetas3

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    If you just want to make one or two high PR link a day, then you don't need scrapebox but Google imo.
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    It depends on what your using it for. If its your money site then blog comments might not be the best option to take. But if it's your tier 2 links they work beautifully.
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    You can leverage Scrapebox to identify high PR targets. The tool has many uses. Just hit up the search box, there's threads about it.
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    Scrapebox should be part of your tool set for IM regardless of Blog Commenting features. These days I would not AA (auto approve) blast any money site or tier I Web 2.0's /Social Media site. I recently (to my dismay) watched some Facebook Page profiles ranked in top 10 for huge keywords get Penguin [email protected] because of AA blasts. AA blasts are strictly to index Bookmarks/Profiles/Wikis these days. However using the Scraper and Blog Analyzer/PR scanner features you can find dozens if not hundreds of blogs open for commenting related to your niche. You can then try Fast Poster then Slow Poster then Manually posting to those blogs.

    Niche related blog comments, especially from high PR/authority sources are fantastic links to have and can also bring you some highly targeted traffic if you do it right.

    Don't limit yourself to a few links a day..... you're never going to get anywhere that way. Dozens of these sorts of inks per day are fine. They are NOT spam. You found content related to your Niche and linked it back to your blog... that's what links are supposed to do.

    Cheers mate........ Get Scrapebox :)
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    The truth about SEO tools, ScrapeBox included, is that if you go and do stupid lazy stuff with them then you will get stupid lazy results. If you think first and use them wisely, you will get good results. There's way more to SEO than slick tools, which is why a lot of would-be IMers fail hard.

    On your post specifically, there's nothing magical about manual blog commenting. If you manually posted the same crap spun comments to high quality blogs you'd get marked as spam just as fast as the automated ones. If you automate the right spun comments and laser target the blogs you hit, you'll get good results.

    In practice I think there's more or less 4 types of comment sites:

    Easy: The easy sites anyone can blast. Consequently, everyone does, and they aren't worth much.

    Medium: On the medium sites you have to put in a bit more effort in your comments and searching, but they are sill reasonably easy to automate. If you buy a blast that touts quality, this is probably what you're getting.

    Hard: This is the gold mine right here. There's a lot of them, and they are usually moderated but not too strict about comments. MOST people have to manually post to these and so don't get a lot of them. If you put in a good amount of effort scraping and filtering your sites and making really high quality niche-related spun comments you can actually automate these and get lots and lots of them.

    Very Hard: Most people can't tell the difference between Hard and Very Hard sites because they are bums and only bother to do basic blasting. These sites are super strict with the moderation and if you want to get somewhere you're going to need a comment that contributes to the conversation, which pretty much has to be manual.
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    It still helps and it is effective but its not the solution it once was. My feeling lately is that no matter what kind of links you build you have to build links to all pages on a site and use multiple anchors. Google latent Symantec indexing keywords.