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What's the minimum product price for paid advertising?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by pirx2030, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. pirx2030

    pirx2030 Junior Member

    Sep 17, 2013
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    I've decided to start in affiliate marketing with "email marketing / blogging".

    The plan is to create a very simple landing page that will capture e-mail addresses. I would offer a 100% free 5 day course (5 emails in a row) about bitcoins / creating apps / and other various stuff. After the course is done, I would offer my short report (between 10 and 15 pages) about the topic and the price would probably be 10 USD. If there would be a similar, but bigger affiliate product available on the chosen topic, I would offer it in my 10th email (5 content emails -> product offer -> another 5 content emails -> another product offer).

    Since my landing page would get no organic visitors, I would need to use an advertising network as my main source of traffic. I really don't know much about these and I've never used one.

    So could you please help out a little? How much would 100.000 impressions cost, what's the average CTR, and out of those, how many would on average buy the product?

    10 USD per sale is not much, so my main concern is, that I would not be able to get back the money, which I'd spend on advertising.

    On a side note - I have a few apps on Google Play, and on average, the CTR on banner ads is 1%. So, if I have 1000 ad impressions, about 10 people will click on the ad (for free app download), and out of those, about 2 will convert. Is this comparable to other types of advertising?