What's the differents with Google SE, with "keyword" and keyword.

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    Oct 28, 2008
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    What does typing into google "you keyword" vs. "keyword"....

    Which one helps you the most or at all?
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    When you type your keyword like this in quotes "keyword" you're bringing up competiting pages listed in Google that are highly optimized for that exact keyphrase. So the title of the webpage, some of the header tags, and much of the text of the page will use that exact keyphrase.

    When you look for a keyword not in quotes, just keyword, you're bringing up a wider range of pages that are competitive for the keyphrase, but most of them won't be completely optimized for that keyphrase. They may or may not have the keyphrase in the title, tags, or content.

    It can be a good idea to look at both types of competitors to give you a more realistic idea of how hard you'll have to work to get good rankings for your own page.

    For instance, I was trying to get a page on one of my sites good placement in google for a certain keyphrase and when I searched in quotes there was about 30,000 competing results. Not too bad. So I went ahead and put up a page on my site and built some backlinks to that new page on my site.

    The problem is I didn't remember to search for the competition on that phrase WITHOUT quotes. And it turns out that there are a lot of older, senior authority type sites that are showing up on the first few pages of Google for that keyphrase, sites with a page rank of 5 that are five or more years old. Even though they don't have pages that are completely optimized for my phrase, using it in the tags and so forth, they still beat the shit out of me in the results because they are older, authority type sites in my niche.

    So even though less than 30,000 competiting results for the keyword in quotes can often be excellent - it often means you'll be able to easily get on the first page of Google - there are exceptions to this rule if your competitors WITHOUT quotes are really old, authority type sites with lots of pages on those sites, highly favored by Google.