What's The Deal With Posting Links To Competitors Sites?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by BreaknBrix, Aug 6, 2014.

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    I've been a member here for some time now.... but I still have no idea if this is an actual rule.... or just BHW tradition.

    For instance, on warrior forum, I've posted links of my competitors dozens of times. And the most anyone has ever said is "you shouldn't post your competitors link cause you're giving him a backlink". But then I'd respond, "That's fine cause I'd rather LEARN about what my competitor is doing, and give him 1 measily worthless backlink, than not learn at all".

    Where things get really .. "gray"... we can post links to youtube, ahrefs, majestic seo, warrior forum, tumblr, facebook, mediashare, speedyshare, woodwards blog, patt flynns blog, moz, search engine land, news links etc etc..... we can even make threads like this >> http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...ng-web-2-0-properties-list-2012-december.html .... yet when we post someones site to find out how they're ranking ... all a sudden the subject becomes taboo? All a sudden it's "not cool"?

    My question is why is this behavior "not cool"? The answer might seem obvious at first but the longer you think about it the less obvious it becomes.

    Like what harm can BHW really cause to a site that can't be caused by any other forum or site on the web?

    If someone posted 1 of my sites and asked "how is this guy ranking", I'm definitely not gonna be happy, but at the same time I'm not gonna freak out about it. As long as the site isn't directly attached to my account then people have no idea its my site in the first place. And the most anyone can really say is "it looks like he's using PBN links" lol. Or "he's got a few 301 redirects".... like big deal... you figured out that a site has backlinks! But again, what is there to actually be mad about? To the point where we have to censor the information?

    Disclaimer: I know that the nature of this thread breeds controversy, and that mods can delete anything they want (including this thread). And last thing I'm trying to do is get on anyones bad side. But till this day I still don't understand whether this is an actual rule, a tradition, OR whether it's just something that mods randomly do whenever members get pissed about it? What am I missing here?

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    It's not about backlinks.
    By posting someone's site - You reveal their keywords, their worked out strategy, you expose their website to negative SEO, and even if it's allowed, noobs will start spamming the forum with how is this website ranking threads in order to get a backlink.
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    I don't know I never had any experience with such a situation, and its seems like maybe you got the back end of it :)

    But I agree, I don't see no harm, shoot I posted my .com here 2 times NYLease.com well now its 3:) Its a legit business site and its been bitch slapped by google, so slowly recovering :) I am now just using ads to drive traffic and slowly get it back to where it was before :) Critique, say what I did right what I did wrong :)

    I think a good number of us actually TRY to help each other out :)


    Agreed and thanks for venting, VALID point!


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    I'm pretty sure this was an actual rule posted a couple years ago, but I guess it never made it into the actual T.O.S. (At least I don't see it in the current version). But there are a lot of rules on the forum that have been posted by mods or admins in varius sticky threads throughout the forum that aren't in the T.O.S. either.

    If I remember correctly this actually originally pertained to outing Facebook pages back when people were hitting it really hard. Especially since a lot of that involved various scripts that would be made ineffective as soon as Facebook discovered them. Then it pretty much just expanded to include posting websites as well. So whether it's "an actual rule.... or just a BHW tradition" doesn't really matter, either way if you want to post someones website to use as an example, then there's a good chance someone will bring this up and it's likely that a mod might decide to remove the link.

    You're right that there are a lot of websites mentioned on this forum, and a lot of times it's not considered a problem at all. In those cases though it's usually the kind of natural link to a website based on it's content. The kind of thing like hey check out this video, or hey check out this great deal on whatever. In those cases it kinda just depends on what its about as to whether it violates any rules. But it's a completely different thing when a website is posted so as to scrutinize what's being done to rank it.

    Yes, this is a marketing forum and it would be great if we actually could post example websites that are doing great, but in the process of doing that you're also placing a beacon on that guys website telling google, potential competetors, clients, advertisers, and anyone else that might have an interest in whether he's doing things the way they think it should be done. A lot of the seo strategies discussed on this forum violate the guidelines of companies and corporations that we depend on for that very ranking.

    As you mentioned there is a big "gray" area about it, but at the same time this isn't just some weird arbitrary rule. How would you feel if you had worked hard and spent a lot of money getting your own sites to the #1 placement in the serps and then your site gets slapped down. Not because you made a mistake to draw scrutiny from google, or cpa companies, etc. to your site, but rather just because what you were doing was highlighted on a marketing forum.

    Every one of us on this forum with websites (especially anyone using blackhat strategies) have to be concerned about that very thing happening to our own sites. We can't prevent that from happening sometimes, (as you mentioned it might get posted on other forums and websites), but as a precaution at least here on BHW, a rule was made to prevent inadvertently drawing attention to what one of our peers might be doing.
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