What's the current best way to get to #1 on G00gle?

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    When I started IM and web design over 10 years ago, you could build a site, and do nothing more and start getting tons of organic traffic through G. I know all that has changed over the years, so what is NOW the way to get to #1? Is it still all about Backlinks? I've used Scrapebox in the past, but I think it's not effective as it once was, as far as blog commenting. I just purchased a EMD domain, it's a 3 word phrase that gets 450,000 global and 246,000 local searches a month according to Google. I'm already at #13, and if I can get in the top 3 slot, I think I can make a killing. I've got an autoblog setup, feeding it with Amazon books and dvds, and yahoo answers.
    What would you suggest to an old dog about new tricks?