What's the cheapest domain extension

It kinda depends on whether you intend on renewing the domain or using it as a throwaway. Lots of cheap offers for initial year but prices rise for renewals.
Aren't Freenom the cheapest domains still for a grand total of $0?

Still I like to stick to domains with good renewal fees as @thedorf comment like .top and .vip which also look very generic for most purposes.

careful with cheap domains that renew at a exorbitant price
check xyz or info domains they are cheap and renew cheap
Yes. But xyz value is well, from selling / trading perspective not that high- almost nothing.

You are always good to go with a solid (max 12letters) memorable, ideally without dashes or numbers .COM domain.

Go with the top gTLD‘s and you can’t be wrong.

.AI = too expensive and seems like the hype is over
For internet related things „.IO“ is an option.

Depends on where you buy it, transferring it to another registrar etc. it’s a different story, but as @mrbit said - renewal costs can be really tough.

So either you buy a simple gTLD like com, org, net (there are more)
Or you consider that it will be an expensive renewal - you can have a look as already posted on tld-list

And it’s proven that domain prices increase since years.
Spaceship is btw a company of NameCheap, as far as I remember.
They are good / okay.
Can also recommend Dynadot- my favorite.
Most of my Domains are distributed, but as of now - and that is something I will change: Approx 35% is on GoDaddy. They are one of the market players- still pricy and complicated with customer service.

To summarize:
- tld-list
- look at renewal price
- if there is a sale and this is YOUR brand or something you might want to keep, then register the domain longer than 1 year
- look at coupons
- com domains still rule (reseller value)
- try to buy a short memorable domain
- if it’s a shortcut of anything, please check IP/TM before. First step could be to have a look : wipo.int

- In case you just want one domain and not starting to flip them, then ignore most of the summary and just buy anything :)
Would still avoid dashes and numbers.

Best regards Zotix
Its simple, go to: tld-list.com
Type in your domain or any example with the respective TLD.
Then, check the best prices (most likely, Spaceship has significant discounts, which belongs to NameCheap).

NameCheap themselves have a "Bulk"(Beast?), search Mode, where you can search for, e.g., bhw.com. It will tell you that it is sold and give you many, many other Examples.
You can search there by Pre- and Suffix, TLDs (whole overview of ALL)
Keywords that should be included and excluded.
So I'm not Promoting NameCheap, but I have had no bad experience with them as far as I know.

Check out .XYZ is popular because it's affordable and versatile. Several registrars offer it at reasonable prices.
According to my knowledge, i think ".xyz" domain extension is one of the cheapest options available.
But I will suggest you, that you should take best domain extension for a serious project. don't go with the cheaper option. because if your extension is good then your site domain will look good.
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