What's the best way to make sales through Google?

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    Okay so I have some decent keywords (low competition, 2k+ searches a month) and a bunch of exact keyword domains. I have a bunch of good products that go along well with these keywords and not a lot of experience with what I'm getting into.

    None of the keywords are related to a specific product, but to a niche. So no "weightmaster 3000 reviews" keywords, just "how to lose weight in a day" stuff.

    I started off by doing a Google search for keywords similar to mine (but with way bigger competition) to see how the best of the best did it. Every single top 10 website is a news article or a detailed guide, with ads leading to typical sales pages with related products. I didn't notice any sales pages directly on the first page of Google, though.

    Basically my question is, should I:

    1) Write a detailed and comprehensive guide on the actual topic, then include adverts and links leading to a related product there?


    2) Just try to rank with a simple 6-7 page website where every single page is a direct advertisement for a product related to the keywords that I have?

    To clarify even more, #1 would be your typical "10 ways to lose weight fast" article, #2 would be an article with user reviews, phrases like "secret insider tricks", the product plastered all over with promises of losing weight in a super secret & easy way.

    I'm assuming that the latter converts more but will never rank as high as the first one.

    What should I do?
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    Paid traffic works well start small.