What's the best way to get $100 in Liberty Reserve?


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Aug 17, 2008
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I need $100 in Liberty Reserve as soon as possible, and I've been researching ways to do it. Paypal exchangers are nonexistent, so I looked into bank wires.

Basically, I need to pay a $24 fee and wire my money to some random guy in Ohio. Then, based solely on trust, I'm supposed to get $100 transferred to my LR wallet.

This whole process seems way too sketchy for me. Are there any alternatives?

I'm desperate enough that I'll put myself out there to do any kind of service in exchange for LR payment. I can sell VCCs, I can do Article creation, gmail accounts, craigslist accounts, craigslist posting, I'll fill out CPA offers, I sell private proxies.. you name it. i was considering putting this in the sell your services section but I don't think that it fits there. Pretty much I'm just looking for advice.

Any suggestions?