whats the best wallpaper script


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Apr 6, 2007
hi all. just wandering or wanting some feedback on wallpaper scripts/sites etc

does anyone here run a wallpaper site? if so what script/template u using? would appreciate some input if possible as thinking of doing one for adult niche. wont say just exactly what though haha..
I didnt like what was out there so
I hired a guy to start making this for me. All he really did was code the auto thumbnail generation for me. And I made the page and coded the layout.

its basic but can be built on and built up.. for sites like porn and others.


I wanted something custom, this pulls from a mysql database, and the pictures are just named and pages are automatically created from database.

Its missing half the code still.. When I get around to it I can send it your way, when I finish mine.

I havnt added ad's in yet see the AD SPOT space LOL..
I have just bought this one


It looks very promising so far although I haven't had much time to play around with it yet.
I used zenphoto for one (dead easy to setup), but have recently switched the site to collectphp. It's a pretty good script; comes with adsense built in and a decent admin panel for managing uploads, links, etc. I've changed up a few things (showing random wallpapers, etc) and it was easy to grasp even though I have 0 programming skills. I got like $30 the price by buying it from some dude @ DP. I can get you links if you need.

I've also heard good things about the script that blacktrilby mentioned too, although I've not personally used it.
I written a PHP script to scrape Wallpapers from top websites , if any one need that PM me Happy to share :)
I written a PHP script to scrape Wallpapers from top websites , if any one need that PM me Happy to share :)

Hello, Im new here and will like to PM you for this but this is my first post and will not be able to send a pm until I have 15 posts.

Could I request this by email or expect a PM from you. Regards
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