whats the best type of content to produce for my keywords?

Well, it depends on the keywords. Social media posts would be good for regular exposure, but if you want to really use the keywords to the max, then write articles. Just make sure that the content is relevant to the keywords.
It depends on what you intend to focus on. Just make sure that you use credible keyword finders and that you use them smartly when writing articles. Keywordtool.io is a good one.
Obviously all of the above mate, The best type of content should be keyword related with detailed instruction.
All of them. But in my opinion, if you really want to maximize your keywords, you can start with posting blog articles. Then you can share them on your social media sites. Making Youtube videos is last for me.
First you have to create good quality content on your blog/site and when you have a "solid foundation" you can start to push the articles on Social Media such as Facebook. But make sure to keep your blog/site updated with new articles every so often.
Good luck
You've not mentioned any keywords in that aspect.
Still, depending on what you are trying to promote, the content could be related.
Otherwise, if it's plain ol' site development, then you should shoot every type of content on your site.
Social will be good for exposure. YT would be good for video traffic, and of course, nobody can go along without any articles, right?
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