Whats the best cpa for a site to watch movies online for free?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by hfcorreia, Nov 4, 2010.

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    Aug 30, 2010
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    Hello. I want to know whats the best cpa for a site to watch movies online for free?

    I created a website and post some trailers and info movies. The ******* said to me I am with copyrights lool... I just posted trailers loooool But I understood what they mean to. I cant use cpa for copyrights. But I can see thousands of websites to watch movies online and use cpa for payouts. Can someone help me please???? My idea is to have a website with streams to new releases movies and block that stream or the download movie with a cpa... And promote the website with youtube and twitter.

    I just need a cpa servey that pays good and accept that things. Or maybe I cant say to cpa servey I will have copyrigts. I am new in this thing of Internet Marketing but I just want to say this: THANKS YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS FORUM! Helped me a lot...........

    If someone can help me... I will apreciate it so well...

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    Jun 24, 2010
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    leadbolt look them up
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    Affiliates are so blind to the reality of the advertisers and you should BLAME the networks for not telling you, not talking to you, not educating you, and giving you the insight so you can make the most $$$ possible.

    First let me say
    1. Leadbolt has advertisers who accept Movie Content. We are one of the VERY few. We pay the best in the industry for this sort of traffic, and I Guarantee you we will beat anyone else. we will work with you one one one , move offers around if our algorythm fails, contact networks to get you the offers you need.

    With that said...

    This doesn't exist anymore. All the $$$ that affiliates made from Movies months ago wont happen again. Its too great a risk from the advertisers point of view to get involved in.

    There are SO many better things to do than MOVIES.

    Leadbolt has exclusive mobile offers which pay out $8.00 w/ no scrub. Their CVR is like 8% and we have them in many verticals including a diet mobile offers.

    If you write a diet blog and traffic it correctly. You should make bank with it.
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