What's the alternative to CC, WPRobot and Autoblogged?


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Jul 29, 2007
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Hey guys:

About 2 weeks ago I was reading about a script/pluging created by one of the members here at BHW. It looked like a nice great alternative to Caffeinated Content (which seems to be more and more broken every day) and it had almost everything WPRobot has. Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere.

I tried searching and re-reading those old threads trying to find the name or the signature link. I remember some people here were praising it because the author was adding new features all the time and was on top of updating and fixing issues.

I have been searching and re-reading posts for more than an hour and can't find it. Anyone knows what is the script/plugin I'm talking about?

Thank you for any light you can shine on this.
WPMixer is an other great plugin to use with autoblogs.
WP-o-Matic is an excellent choice. It aggregates by campaign, and in each campaign you set RSS feeds to aggregate, along with how many and how often.
Thank you Blackhit! that's the one. I couldn't remember the name and I kept searching and searching :D
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