Whats really wrong with the world! WTF

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    "According to the Publishers? Information Bureau, Business Week?s advertising revenues fell by a third to $77.8m in the first half of 2009. The magazine says its circulation is 936,000."

    This is the article about business week being put up on the chopping block...

    Something just doesnt make sense here 1m circulation and 77 million and advertising and its not a success.... i just dont get it how the world works, is off-line publishing really that bad, thats almost 83$ per person seeing that damn magazine and yet the magazine isnt financially stable?

    How f*cking much does it take to make a magazine, a FINANCIAL MAGAZINE, it's not like they have to pay thousands of journalists to fly over the world doing research and shit just go online, lookup whats going on, do your research on the markets etc and f*cking write, then at the end of the month print the damn magazine.

    I'm sorry but im so f*cking sick of big time agencies going under because their too damn expensive to run, why shouldnt a 77m$ ad income be enough to maintain a frigging magazine?