What's new in social media: G+ view count, Google authorship for Medium. What next?

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    There?ve been so many updates related to social media networks lately that it?s useful to put them together and explain what they?re all about. (Everything is summed up in this post http://webmeup.com/blog/new-in-social-google-adds-view-count-medium-enables-authorship-and-more.html). A lot has been said about the Twitter redesign and there?s no point in duplicating it. Check out these not so drastic yet important updates:

    1. Google+ adding view count
    2. A new look for link posts in G+
    3. Previewing a range of images full-size in G+
    4. LinkedIn getting rid of products and service tab
    5. Google Authorship for Medium posts

    Have you heard of any other updates related to social media we missed here? Or have ideas of the future updates? Share your thoughts in the comments!