what's difference in PLR vs MRR?

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    Hello everyone, Sorry if this tread is not belong to here. I know in this forum exist real people doing
    business using internet, I just heard this term recently.
    Im really newbie here in this forum, but Im curious about what is the dif. between
    Private Label Rights vs Master Resell Rights Products. This term are new for me.
    what to do with them?
    where or how to start making money using this Products?
    some advise to start making money please...
    I appreciate your time and your explanation.
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    MRR stands for Master Resale Rights.

    Usually, when you acquire these rights, you can sell the product BUT you need to keep it as it is (you cannot modify the product).

    PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

    These are usually full rights. Meaning, you can basically take the product, change the author name to yours and sell it! (Of course, you can change other things as well..)

    Both usually come with a "License" file which tells you what you can/cannot do with the products.
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    Actually there are several variations of "Selling Rights" that can be applied to digital and physical products:

    1. Basic

    You have the right to resell the product but your customers don't have the right to resell it to anybody else.
    You are not allowed to edit the product or remove the author's name.

    2. Master (MRR)

    You have the right to resell the product as well as the Basic Resell Rights itself to your customers.
    Plus your customers can in turn resell the same product to their customers.

    In many cases you are not allowed to change the product details, add your name or remove the author's name etc.

    3. Private Label Rights (PLR)

    You have all resell rights. That means you can use this product as it were your own creation :

    - change the product in any way you like
    - put your own name
    - sell resell rights to the product
    - set master resell rights to others

    All these 3 types above allow you as a reseller to keep 100 % of the profit after every sale you make.

    There are also two more kinds of "Selling Rights" :

    4. Give away rights

    You are only allowed to give this product for free (as a bonus, as a gift and so on). In most cases you cannot resell, sell, edit or change it.

    5. Royalty Rights

    You have to pay the author a fixed percentage of every sale made by you.

    How to start making money with Resell rights' product?

    - go to ebay auction and search for resell type of products mentioned above

    - after buying the rights to the product, upload the promo package to your domain

    - add your favorite billing service ( e.g. paypal )

    - start driving traffic to your domain

    - collect sales and money

    Hope this plan will help you out.
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