What's a recommended affiliate program to promote to students?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sfidirectory, Apr 2, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    Have been on here just on a year now so am glad to be a member of BHW :), although my degree doesn't allow me to come on here as often as I did during my summer break...

    Anyway I am wondering what is a good affiliate program to promote to students? The product would need to target students specifically and of course be affordable to that target market. Also I live in NZ so the product/s should be able to be promoted here as well (not just the US like most products I come across). At my uni there are several places for flyers etc to be placed (the walls get completely cleaned of flyers before Mondays) so that was going to be one of my main methods of promotion. I have access to 400 student's email addresses but am not wanting to compromise anything by mass mailing them promoting products (although if I send them some useful info relating to their paper and include my link in my signature that could work...).

    I have tried the "Google is your friend" cliche so many times in searching for products but from the time I have been on here, alot of people are making alot of success and thought I would ask here...