What you never thought about achieving when you started to make an online income?

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    This one is mostly addressed for those with some years of experience, failures and successes behind them; but it's not mandatory, so even if you are quite new and still have something to say, feel free.

    Every person that started to make money online, had a time when they were noobs. I was wondering, what have you never imagined that you will achieve to do, back then, when you were just on the starting point of your journey.

    This are 2 things I never imagined about 5 years ago:
    +++that apart of some of my projects I'm working and having great results, I will manage to set an autopilot method that is bringing me an income of about 500-2800$ per month. (And now I want to increase it anyway)
    [I'm not bullshitting anyone,so if you are a bitch and start to go offline from the topic, than I'll invite you to go in Pakistan and so some adultery]
    ---that I was going to lose 14 months (time and further $ income) being a very dedicated moderator to (some sort of successful) forum, with a lovely community, and all got trashed/ruined when the admin got bored and deleted it. It was related to making money online, so I had a decent income from there, but I won't go too much in this because there is too much to talk about
    [that bitch, he even didn't wanted to give us the the forum]

    Anyway, so what about you? What were the both good and bad things that you never imagined to happen?