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What you missed at UnGagged London 2015: Day Two

Discussion in 'UnGagged Las Vegas' started by UnGagged.com, Jul 6, 2015.

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    What you missed at UnGagged London 2015: Day Two

    Joe Sinkwitz (@CygnusSEO)
    Blackhats Make the Best Whitehats: Crazy Shit I Still See

    What is negative SEO beyond a few bad links, and how far will people go to bring down a competitor? Joe, now Chief of Revenue for CopyPress, showed us the tools, techniques and attitude to adopt to avoid coordinated negative SEO and business hacking attacks.

    This stuff could bring down businesses - you can?t hear it anywhere else, and if you don?t know about it, then how can you avoid it?

    Best takeaway: Question time with one of the best lead, link and various hat-wearing experts in the industry.

    Matt Beswick (@MattBeswick)
    APIs and Automation: How to Save Yourself Time Without Getting Banned

    SEOs love toys, spreadsheets and a good API, but we?re not generally so good at using it all to save time. Matt showed us how to create actionable insights from all the data, in a fraction of the time it would take to find and order it all manually, without crossing the line between ?absolutely cool? to ?oooh, that?s a bit? not-OK?.

    Best takeaway: A live demonstration of how Matt generates content ideas and links in seconds.

    Ruth Carter (@rbcarter)
    The Legal Side of Blogging: How Not to Get Sued, Fired, Arrested or Killed

    Ruth is a licensed attorney specialising in intellectual property, social media law, business contracts and flash mob law (yes, that?s a thing). Her presentation was a legal take on the current state of content marketing and the actions that sound OK on the surface, but that could land bloggers in serious trouble.

    Best takeaway: A full 20-minute, intimate and transparent Q&A with a lawyer who specialises in the issues that could make or break a business online.

    Meanwhile in track two: Thomas Smale (@ThomasSmale): What Makes an Online Business Valuable? Lessons From Over 250 Website Sales

    Akiva Ben-Ezra (@akivadbenezra)
    YouTube Optimisation 2.0

    Akiva is an expert in optimising and ranking videos in YouTube and Google, and he laid open his method for optimising his clients? videos, with examples, from creating creative videos in minutes to optimising livestreams and on-page/off-page video optimisation.

    Best takeaway: An over-the-shoulder look at how Akiva maximises video revenue, and which tactics he definitely doesn?t advocate.

    Meanwhile in track two: Aleyda Solis (@aleyda): International Search Domination: Tips, Tactics & Processes learned from the international SEO trenches

    John Limbocker (@JohnLimbocker)
    SEO for 2015 and Beyond

    The original SEO dominator?s talk was one of the highlights of day two - and it showed. It was practically standing room only for this talk about the next generation of the algorithm and the ?missing link? between the current known ranking signals.

    John taught us how to understand the future of SEO, by looking at what has happened in the past. Crucially, he taught us how to do this for ourselves rather than just listening to others.

    Best takeaway: One crucial damage limitation action for avoiding a manual penalty.

    Meanwhile in track one: John Rampton (@johnrampton): How to get PR for your business?

    Lukasz Zelenzy (@LukaszZelezny)
    Making Sense of your Analytics

    Lukasz is responsible for organic visibility, conversion rate, traffic and engagement at uSwitch, so it makes sense that his talk at UnGagged would be as detailed as his knowledge of online marketing technology.

    He gave us the specific strategies he uses for getting more out of our reporting, turning potentially (and mistakenly) negative statistics into positive traffic stories, just by looking beyond the visits and into conversions.

    Best takeaway: Extra advice on the tools and (white hat) tricks Lukasz used to build thousands of shares and and a powerful, engaged audience on social media.

    Meanwhile in track one: Loren Baker?s Power Panel: Joe Sinkwitz, John Rampton, Lee Stuart, Derek Devlin.

    Didn?t make UnGagged London? We?re hitting Las Vegas in November and these are the speakers who want to share some awesome insights with you: http://www.ungagged.com/speakers/
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