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What you missed at UnGagged London 2015: Day Three

Discussion in 'UnGagged Las Vegas' started by UnGagged.com, Jul 8, 2015.

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    What you missed at UnGagged London 2015: Day Three

    Evo Terra (@evo_terra)
    Disrupting Complacency - It Only Works Until It Doesn’t

    Today’s keynote was completely different to anything we had during the rest of the weekend. After 20 years of working in and owning digital businesses, Evo and his wife are now paying their own way around the world with their business, and we got to hear how they’re doing it. This was an incredibly inspiring and enlightening talk from someone who is (if you’ll indulge us) ‘living the dream’.

    Best takeaway: Eva’s ‘three tenets of disruption’ that he uses to spot business opportunities and fine-tune his own ideas for almost guaranteed success.

    Paul Bongers (@BongersP)
    The Opportunity of SEO

    As marketers we’re told to ‘focus on the user’ and ‘write great content’ - but how do you turn these buzzterms into actions? As a top business developer for Searchmetrics, Paul Bongers was the one to tell us.

    Paul revealed how to turn visits and keywords into people and money, and how to communicate this revolutionary approach to an industry that has been focused on the former for decades.

    Best takeaway: A full breakdown of specific keywords and specifically what content strategy they used to kill it across a ton of long-tail and short-tail terms.

    Tamsin Fox-Davies (@tamsinfd)
    Steampunk Marketing (You Know You’re Curious)

    Tamsin is a marketing guru and took us through how to use data and tech to understand people, as well as the other way round.

    She showed us the effect social media has had on how people consume marketing, including which marketing mediums now bring in the most money. She also touched on social media marketing in her Q&A and how to start when you… don’t know where to start.

    Best takeaway: Tamsin opened the floor for a frank debate about the ideas raised in her presentation. As marketers we don’t often discuss ideas in this way, instead often choosing to just tell each other what to do, so this live and accessible sharing of ideas within a presentation was a game-changer.

    Meanwhile in track one: Alexandra Tachalova (@AlexTachalova): The truth is out there. Find the most reliable tools and data

    Roland Frasier (@rolandfrasier)
    Black Hat Results With White Hat Tactics: Sneaky Tactics You Can Copy That We Used To Build A £12 Million Web Property In Just 18 Months

    What a way to finish the weekend! Roland and his team have spent $15 million doing 3,000+ A/B and multi-variant split tests and sent well over 1 billion emails. He is undoubtedly a digital force to be reckoned with, and, at UnGagged 2015, he told a select few how he does it.

    In the last track of UnGagged London 2015, Roland went through all of his hacks for reverse-engineering, split-testing and monetising traffic, content, sales and competitive information, to short-circuit conversions and make way more money.

    Best takeaway: 250 slides worth of techniques, hacks and tools used by one of the best digital marketers in the business. Can’t get better than that.

    Meanwhile in track one: Julia Logan (@IrishWonder): Spammer Mentality

    Didn’t make UnGagged London? We’re hitting Las Vegas in November. Seriously what the hell are you waiting for?
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  2. ghat6

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    May 3, 2010
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    Thanks for these wrap-ups, sounds like it was an amazing conference.
  3. strawswitch

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    May 17, 2009
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    Thanks so much for this. Wish I was there!
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