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What you missed at UnGagged London 2015: Day One

Discussion in 'UnGagged Las Vegas' started by UnGagged.com, Jul 6, 2015.

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    What you missed at UnGagged London 2015: Day One

    UnGagged is a content marketing convention like no other. This is no pitch-fest. The speakers don’t have to sell you anything to make it worth their while. And there are no videos to download afterwards; no constant feed of quotes on the hashtag.

    That’s the whole point: the speakers are UnGagged, unrecorded and free to say what they like. If you’re not there, you won’t get to hear what they really think and what’s really working.

    Here’s what you missed on day one of the behemoth that was UnGagged London 2015.

    Marcus Tandler (@mediadonis)
    Keynote: Rise of the Machines

    The self-styled ‘Mediadonis’ presented an intimate history of Google and a blow-by-blow account of how Google learns, what they’re getting rid of and what they are buying to make their ambitions happen. What is the future of spam? Who does Google think its competitors are (clue: it’s not who you think)?

    Biggest takeaway: We learned what we should be exploiting to decide our next moves for ourselves, rather than waiting for others to tell us.

    Bastian Grimm (@basgr)
    Beyond the Bullshit: Hardcore Site Speed Optimization Techniques

    Technical SEO expert Bastian Grimm gave us a step-by-step plan for optimising a site within an inch of its life. We delved beyond Google PageSpeed and found out which tools he uses to not only measure site speed but also minify and optimise potential render-blocking code.

    We also learned what should be loading first; what can be loaded internally; and what new formats, tools and plugins we should be early-adopting.

    Biggest takeaway: Absolutely new tools with real results - this stuff will change how we optimise in the future and we got it all in under an hour.

    Matthew Woodward (@MattWoodwardUK)
    How to Build a 6-figure Blog (Updated)

    This was an over-the-shoulder look at how Matthew built his massive, loyal audience that makes him some incredible money. He showed us how to help our readers promote our content like our own bands of employees. We also got a new take on added-value, and a plan for prioritising it.

    Biggest takeaway: Matthew showed us, in detail, how to take the teacher/student relationship one step further and make constant traffic and quality sales flow naturally.

    Meanwhile in track one: Roland Frasier (@rolandfrasier): Steal These 7 Traffic Hacks We Used To Get 1,141,489 Unique Visitors and 6,544,965 Page Views Last Month

    Murray Newlands (@MurrayNewlands)
    How to Really Get PR

    Murray is a writer and PR who told us how to turn a ‘who gives a shit?’ press release into a fascinating story that big sites will want. We learned how to establish credibility and get traction naturally, without even following links.

    Why should you share content on other websites? What do journalists want, and how can you establish direct relationships with them so that you’ll become their priority contacts?

    Biggest takeaway: A detailed list of the best type of content to pitch, from format to word count and promotion.

    Meanwhile in track two: Justin Gilchrist (@FlipFilter): How to buy your first £1 million in revenue in just six months

    Jono Alderson (@JonoAlderson)
    Turbo-charging your Wordpress Website: Super-advanced Edition!

    Jono’s site ranks #1 in Google without any link-building or blogger outreach, and he hasn’t written reams of content either. In his UnGagged session he showed us how he did it. He went through - in minute detail - his toolkit for optimising Wordpress sites, from plugins to line-by-line code.

    Biggest takeaway: Quick-wins and two-minute jobs for tangible benefits that will bring as many rewards as any content marketing technique.

    Meanwhile in track one: Kaspar Szymanski (@kas_tweets) and Fili Wiese (@filiwiese): What does the Google Black Hat Hall of Fame look like? Do Google spam their own services? When does it pay off to spam Google Search results?

    SEOcktoberfest All Stars Panel

    Joe Sinkwitz, Marcus Tandler, Bastian Grimm, Aleyda Solis, Kasper Szymanski, Fili Wiese and Murray Newlands took questions directly from the audience, completely off the record. The floor was open for questions on everything from mobilegeddon to user experience and .london domains.

    This was a direct line to seven renowned search and content marketing experts (including two former Google employees) who really know their shit, in an intimate setting.

    Biggest takeaway: What to do to avoid Google algorithm changes before they happen, and how to read between the lines on Google’s PR machine.

    Meanwhile in track two: Jacob Hagberg (@jacobhagberg): 3 Killer Ways to Build Ridiculous Amounts of Domain Authority & Trust

    Then MORE free drinks and food (you get very well fed and watered at UnGagged) for some awesome networking.
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