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    question for anyone out there...

    i'm at a large public college and wanted to do some kind of fundraiser for my fraternity. i figured i might be able to get creative and use some kind of CPA submit to do this -- not even blackhat or anything; i'm pretty sure there are offers out there that the college crowd might genuinely be interested in and stuff.

    the way i see it, might be able to set up a booth somewhere in our student union and attract peoples attention to sign up for free samples of something or something like that, and just use my CPA networks to do the signing up. i would call my AM before that and stuff to confirm it was alright but i bet the right kind of advertiser would love this opportunity: direct, free marketing to a young crowd.

    so-- does anyone have any ideas for what kind of offers this might work well for? i'm flipping through the pages on my networks and nothin's really catching my eye. or perhaps if anyone's done something similar that'd be cool.