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Apr 1, 2009
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I am just wondering if you had about 150,000 unique visitors (IM related) on a daily bases, how would you blackhat them to earn more from them? Like cookie stuff them on various CB products, eBay, etc?

The average daily cost for these users is usually around $500 (to keep up the traffic).

Thanks in advance.
Start building a targeted list and send them relevant IM products (if you don't know what to send, rent the list to someone who does).

Promote a free ebook filled with your affiliate links.

Promote an affiliate network that pays you x% of their earnings for life.
I don't think the targeted list would help that much in the long run hmm

How is a targetting list not going to help in the long term? That is exactly what it would do. You would build a list of buyers who you know buy from you time and time again.
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