What would you do with a Team of 10 SEO Specialists?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by lostgringos, Sep 29, 2009.

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    Hello Everyone:

    We all have dreams and aspirations. One of mine is to have a team of SEO specialists using all kinds of technigues and suggestions from Blackhat World. I had another team in the Philippines but had to dissolve that because of personal reasons. Now I am back with a new improved and better SEO team.

    All of my staff now are first Excellent English writers and some have taught English. These are the people I am teaching ever day all the latest and greatest SEO out of Blackhat World.

    I am working out of a brand new call center in the Philippines with a T1 connection. There is the capacity to run up to 70 SEO people at this location.

    I have also hired 3 apprentices (so so English), and a Joomla and Wordpress expert who loves working with open source.

    So my question to all of you out there who have much more experience and knowledge than myself...where would you start? What process would you use. Remember that I really need to generate some income in the 1st few months.

    Mayble links, forum posting or blogs for example.

    I have a domain I want to promote and I was thinking of this:

    1. Multiple Press Releases
    2. Multiple Article submissions
    3. Twittering the entire process from start to finish
    4. Yahoo Answers
    5. Creating Linkwheels
    a. Squidoo lenses keyword specific...Linkwheel
    b. Blogs .. keyword specific...Linkwheel
    6. Posting in forums and on blogs...with ******** and high PR
    7. Pinging all the way
    8. Creating RSS feeds anywhere I can and submit them to Feedburner etc.
    9. Creating some vids and submitting them to Youtube and such
    10. Create some pics and upload to Flickr etc.
    11. Create one way, do follow, high PR links.
    12. Bookmarking
    13. Trackbacks

    Rinse and do it again for more keywords. All the time driving traffic the the website.

    Onsite SEO

    1. Make sure all meta tags and so on are keyword specifice...view..source..
    2. Install Google Analytics
    3. Install a Google Site Map
    4. Install Google Ad Sense
    5. Max keyword saturation
    6. Alt keyword tags
    7. Good Content and approximately 60 pages total on the site

    Note: the website I am going to develop is www.seoacademics.com. No this is not a shameless plug. Again I am trying to get some clients to help with my costs. I was thinking of some email scraping...setting up a Pitch Page..and direct traffic to my site that way. I would love to get some feedback on this venture of my mine.
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    Humm start offerring your SEO services in different forum, also promote your own site for keywords related to seo services i mean launch yourself as SEO company. Apart from that you can also start your own site where you can promote different products like affiliate sites. I blv soon you can start generating money either through new clients or affiliate route. I also have team of SEO professionals which i use to promote my own sites (affiliate sites) and it makes me good money more then i could have generated by selling my services. Good Luck..... :)
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    His new team also does SEO services in Portuguese Brazil What services are offered Production of content, link building, link rada ... etc.. I am in Brazil and looking for partnerships as projects SEO manual for my sites and clients. Also had thoughts of forming my own team but I intend to outsource the work, will be more efficient for me. PM me for details of their services.
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    You have 70 SEO specialists and you ask some basic questions.

    I think you r a hidden millionaire if you can hold this team and you are waiting for answers what they have to do.
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    You can never guess!
    Are you that smiling guy? I wanted to squeeze your cheeks as I did with my grandpa. :)
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    i believe you need to set the bar high, start redesigning & optimizing your site first.