What would you do with 15,000 people?


Dec 8, 2022
Good morning gentlemen. So here's the breakdown:

15,000 real human members in my Telegram group, they are in the adult niche category. Very active. I love my members and they trust me so i would never do scam stuff to them.

What ideas would you propose to start monetizing this audience? I tried OnlyFans loaded accounts but the suppliers are just way too sporadic with stock availability to make it viable

Looking forward to reading some of your ideas
Set up an adult website, share the contents to your 15k active members, the traffic and activities on the website will get you some exposure to a bigger customer base. However to monetize the group immediately, sell premium adult contents to them.
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Arrange an orgy and stream it on p-hub :anyway:
Jokes aside, you need to understand the interests and financial status of your members. If they're willing to pay for high ticket products, then get them some subscriptions on revenue sharing basis, so that you can have a passive income source. If they don't spend much, create a website and drive traffic so that you can engage them with some interesting content.
Set up a website where you promote dating offers (affiliate) to them or start a Youtube channel with good quality contents in the dating/adult niche
I agree with Starblazer, you need to check their financial status.
Do they buy adult content, membership etc.
Do they buy I you give them some kinda a deal. Like say 90% off or 1 month free.
Most of people on telegram are there for free shit. So 15k followers are not much in adult niche.
One idea - Create a channel in your telegram, that is about Q And A of finding porn from screenshots.

Create a adult tube. Upload the porn that they demand and provide them the link of your website.

This is one idea to make your members engage and bring in more members. (in process making your telegram channel + website popular)
If you're running a group with 15k members, that means you know a thing or two about adult business? Sell a course?! No other way to monetize, except sending them to your website for some ad revenue.
Sincerely appreciate all the responses I've received. I've taken note of every single one and I'm coming up with a game plan. Currently I do sell them content that is premium. about 2k a month income but competitors have learnt how to use a Telegram gun and are nuking every account I make so my audience will dwindle eventually from each account banning (would be great if there was a way to stop getting mass reported hey Telegram)

Going to start a game plan and structure all your comments asap, genuinely appreciate your time for helping out
Op, just do something. Sell anything, you will know what works or not.
Probably the best way to monetize it is to set up your own website and invite your TG users to sign up. It's dependent on whether or not your users actually have the capacity to spend but if you have good content people in your niche will buy.
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