What would you do to get out of county with no money?

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    I think I made another mistake

    I took a 21 hour week job which just pays for my rent ad half food I eat weekly

    The dole said I could have jobseekers if I prove my money I have to buy another property shared wth other buyers was for only that to buy another prooerty so my solicitor sends then proof letter

    OH what comes in the freakin post?

    Dear Mr Rookie

    We cannot pay you the past month jobseekers as you have more than 16 grand in the bank


    They specifically asked me to get a letter from my solicitor so I could continue claiming my jobseekers money proving this was for ONLY buying another prooerty.

    I hate the dole
    I hate this country which comes to my thread
    I hate the Illuminati controlling this polluted world

    How can I get out of a country with hardly any money to go to another country ad you know whwere I want to be Thailad Japan Korea Chia
    Thing s canot work in most these without a degree

    I intended NOT to be in this UK by Christmas but I just knew it my cursed life m still here and its fickin freezin every day
    I was in deep depression two years ago coming back from Thailand and now even more depressed
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