What Would You Do? RE: SEO Contest


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Jul 21, 2008
I have been in an seo contest for about a month. $1000.00 on the line. I am currently in third with a month to go. I was doing a lot of blog commenting until some jackhole sent me to the Aksimet database. Any suggestions on some decent link building ideas with out looking too BH because of a rule in the contest against it. I was think of having a contest and the winner that was most helpful to getting me to number one would get $100.00 of the prize money if I win, but I have not really thought out the details too much.
Hmmm I think you should start linking back to your website through forums and guest books from colleges. There's plenty of methods around here you could use. Here's a few of them:

1. Building a small blog farm and linking them to your website. There's a guide around here but I don't remember where it is...

2. Posting backlinks from forums, guestbooks, blog comments.

That's only a few...I'm going to need more details on the contest in order to help more. Feel free to PM me, I'd be glad to help.
As suggested in some previous threads, go on digg and find some high pr article and post your web url in the comments with a small comment on the article. Not sure about direct traffic but if google picks up the link fast enough youll be set.
I Know what I want to do is fire up one of the WP installers and go wild, but they said no mass auto creation of sites for backlinks, no spinning articles a zillion times, no paid links, etc. So I am trying to think of all the ways to get links without being disqualified if I win and they inspect my site and links. I was doing good with commenting on WP blogs until the Akismet thing.
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